SIP Panel Homes

About SIPs

At Orca Homes we build kitset and bespoke homes using cutting edge structural insulated panels throughout New Zealand including; Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell and Dunedin. Compared to conventional building methods, SIP Panels are airtight, offer higher-performance insulation, reduce assembly time, and are greener than traditional home builds.


How SIP Panels Work

Design Benefits

SIP panels are engineered and precision cut in the factory so they arrive ready to assemble on site. One of the key benefits of our insulated panel system is that complex design features such as vaulted ceilings, mezzanine floors and dorma windows are significantly easier to construct and install than in traditional timber builds.

Reduced Construction Time

SIP panels significantly reduce build time and labour. Panels arrive prefabricated to suit your design specifications, allowing entire wall and roof sections to be installed quickly and easily. Chasers can be pre-cut at the factory for electrical cables and OSB (oriented strand board) providing a uniform, flat nailing surface.

Cost Effective Heating

Our SIP panels offer great heating efficiency, with an R-Value of 58% more than timber framing, allowing you to achieve a warmer and drier home. Genesis Energy even offer a cheaper unit rate for anyone building with SIPs.


Our homes are built for New Zealand conditions and are able to withstand seismic activity, high winds and snow loading. The R-Value on our builds remains the same even ten years after installation.

Sustainable Homes

Precisions cutting the panels means there is minimal waste. Using oriented strand board means panels use 80% of the wood removed from the forest and producing the expanded polystyrene insulation requires 24% less energy than fibreglass insulation. Our panels do not contain any volatile organic components, and do not off-gas like polyurethane panels do.


Design Process

We have a professional team with a variety of skills including an architect who will work with you to create house designs. Whether you require an architecturally designer home, or a more traditional kitset home, we will work with you regardless of the size and budget you require to help maximise design within building costs.